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Lipad Tagak




We envision value-oriented individuals imbued with spirit of Compassion, Commitment, Dedication, Serviceability, Adaptability, Servant-Leadership Efficiency, Respect, Valiance and Benevolence existing as the leading Volunteerism Program of the University of Makati for selfless-service to others, community, society and country as a whole.


Along with our vision, the LIPAD TAGAK is tasked to:

1. To uplift harmonious empathy to the challenging experiences of different sectors.

2. To commit itself in sustaining service in target communities.

3. To strengthen and nurture spirit of oneness, goodwill and

camaraderie       to foster a collaborative culture in its service for others

4. To promote sense of belongingness and harmony in the community being served



   1. To establish, organize and strengthen the characters of Volunteers to become more effective and efficient individuals who are committed to serving without expecting something in return

   2. To train and nurture Volunteers' sense of selfless service in their involvement with activities conducted by the center by willingly sharing their own talents, time, and resources.


A.  Implementing Guidelines


1. Recruitment, Screening, and Selection

Volunteers may be any of the following individuals

         A. Students

         B.  Alumni

         C. Faculty

         D. Employees

         E. Clusters Director

         F. Educational Managers


2. The following are the criteria to wit:

         A.18 years old and above

         B. Must be flexible and adaptable to perform any task

         C. Must be willing to commit his/her time, resources and talent, and skills.

         D. Must be willing to be accredited Volunteers of the university

         E. Must be willing to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

         F. Must be willing to abide by the policies and procedures of the organization.

         G. Must be willing to lead and undergo various capability training in Volunteerism.


3. Recruitment of volunteers shall be the primary responsibility of the center

A. Information on volunteerism shall be conducted by the center through information campaign activities.

Details to be discussed in orienting volunteers shall include:

  1. Center Vision, Mission, Goal, Objective and Core Values, Program, Projects, Activities.
  2. Specific works
  3. Volunteers Qualification
  4. Days and Hours of Works
  5.  Training necessary, if applicable
  6. Duration of Work
  7. When and where to register


B. Training on Volunteers

  1. 1. Orientation/ Training of Volunteers on Volunteerism work must be planned and carried out by the Center.


C. Benefits

  1.  Identification Card
  2. Training & Seminars

                            Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

  1. Virtual Graduation
  2. Certificate of Commendation
  3. Gatherings/ Exposure


 D. Deployment of Volunteers

  1. 1. After undergoing orientation/ training, the volunteers shall be assigned to respective areas of work according to their specializations and skills.


E. Roles and Function of Volunteers

  1. Perform the assigned task given by the center staff.
  2. Observe and respect the center policies, procedure in relation to confidentiality of cases.
  3. Attend training/ Orientation and other capability training that will be provided by the center
  4. Attend regular meeting and consultation
  5. Volunteers required to participate in all activities conducted by the center.
  6. Volunteers shall require contributing his/her capabilities, skills, and talent for the improvement of the activities.

F. Volunteers Right and Responsibilities

 Volunteers are viewed as a valuable resource to the Center & its Clienteles.

  1.  Volunteers shall be extended the right to be given meaningful assignments, the right to be treated as equal co-workers.
  2.  The right to effective supervision
  3.  The right to full involvement and participation
  4.  The right to recognition for work done.


In return, Volunteers shall agree to actively perform their duties to the best of their abilities and skills to remain loyal to the      goals and procedures of the agency.


G. Accreditation and Recognition of Volunteers

  1. Volunteers who had completed the training conducted by the center shall be recognized as Certified Volunteers.
  2. The Corresponding Certificate of Accreditation shall be issued and duly signed by the Center Director.  

H. Reporting

     1. Volunteers shall be reported to the center as they are requested.


Procedures of Conduct in Community Outreach and Activities

A. Procedures before conducting the Activity will be prepared and processed by the Center:

  1. Volunteers shall have Orientation about the Activities.
  2. Approved letter request for Transportation
  3. Permit to bring in/out equipment needed
  4. Prepare the materials needed in activity.
  5. Prepared communication letter with the community
  6. Approved waiver of Volunteers
  7. Other related documents


The Orientation of participants will be jointly conducted by the Volunteers and CCDNB.

B. Procedures during the conduct

  1.  Courtesy call with the Community
  2. Supervise the actual implementation by the center staff
  3. Ensured the Flow of Activity according to the Program
  4. Ensured the safety of anyone in the area


The security shall begin with Volunteers; Volunteers shall be responsible.


C. Procedures after the conduct of activity:

  1. The number of Volunteers accounted for.
  2. Give recognition to the Facilitators & Persons involved
  3. Check materials/ equipment before leaving.
  4. Exit call of Volunteers in Agency/ Community