CCIS welcomes University of Northern Philippines

07 June 2024 – Students and faculty members from University of Northern Philippines (UNP) came to the university to acquire knowledge from the College of Computing and Information Sciences (CCIS) students’ research on system output as part of their educational tour.

Ms. Rachel Maglaya and Ms. Lourlene Joy Ugaddan briefly introduced the university’s background and history. CCIS Dean, Prof. Joel Mangaba thanked the visitors for choosing UMak as part of their tour and aspired that they will gain new insights from the university and hoped to establish future collaboration in line with research.

During the intermission, Erica Bundang, a third-year student majoring in Computer Science, delivered an outstanding performance that amazed the audience.

Board of Regents student representative, Rodjan Fat expressed his appreciation for the visit and looked forward to learning from the presentations of the Capstone in the thesis project of the CCIS students.

Students from Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science then presented their research outputs focusing on developing applications that will aid in safeguarding artworks, counseling services, and intake schedule of caffeinated beverages.

They discussed their created systems for preserving artistic heritage, visual self-expression analysis, and optimizing the schedule of caffeine intake. After the discussions, the faculty members of UNP presented a certificate of appreciation and exchanged tokens with the university as a sign of gratitude for accommodating their request.

Their visit concluded with a tour around the campus led by the student leaders of CCIS.