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Dean Sabado




Born exactly on New Year’s Eve inside a church convent, DANILO CABILDO SABADO thought of becoming a clergyperson because of the place where he was born. Destiny, however, brought him not into preaching but teaching.

An honor student since grade school, Mr. Sabado finished his baccalaureate degree in Computer Science (BSCS) in 2002 from the University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City, where he also served as a student leader of various college and university-wide organizations. He is a board passer of the Licensure Examinations for Teachers in the Philippines majoring in Business Technology in 2005. Wanting to soar higher, he enrolled Master of Information Technology (MIT). at the Technological University of the Philippines and graduated in 2008. In the same school, he finished his degree- Doctor of Technology (D.T.).

At present, he holds the position of Associate Professor V, in the College of Computer Science, the University of Makati where he served as a model of the alignment of degrees in IT Education. He is also a Professional Lecturer of the Graduate Programs of the University of Makati- College of Education. He also served as the Program Manager of the Special I.T. Programs under the School of Continuing Professional Education of the University of Makati. He was also a Professional Lecturer and Assessor of the Executive Doctorate in Leadership program, and the core lecturer of the Master in Information Systems Program of this university. Aside from being a former Director of the special I.T. Programs, faculty club president, and research and curriculum development coordinator, he also served as adviser to a huge number of Graduate (Dissertations) and Undergraduate theses. He also went out of his mother school to share his expertise by being a Consultant and IT Lecturer of The National Teachers College; and IT/ Computer Science Lecturer of FEU- East Asia College, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig, informatics, Global City Innovative College, Jose Rizal University, and the Far Eastern University- Makati.

 His considered accomplishments include: being the brain of the University of Makati’s IT Education Graduate Programs and the annual ICT Research Congress showcasing researches and studies of different Colleges and Universities in the country; his researches and research projects include UMAK-CCS BSCS Application Development Batch 2012 Tracer Study; Makati City ICT Needs; Development of WiBex: A Wireless Business eXpress Finder; A Crime Monitoring System for the Philippine Police Force; Arduino in a network: An Open Source Data Logger for Low-Cost Customer Satisfaction Monitoring; Application of Participatory Research Model in the College Research and Development Program; Globalization of technology Capability in These Technological Constellations; and Utilizing a Greenhouse Activities Streamlining System Towards Accurate VPD Monitoring- some of which were presented in research conferences in the Philippines and other countries like Singapore and Japan. His greatest achievement, though, which cannot be contained into anything is the love, respect, and friendship he had gained from students whom in any way he had touched their lives and lead them to become prolific individuals.

Truly, destiny brought Mr. Sabado into the right direction for we see in him the epitome of not only a hardworking fellow but of a real educator.


Warmest welcome to the tech-savvy, highly logical and cool students of the College of Computer Science!

Congratulations on choosing a career in computing! Your success will depend on the level of effort you put into your education and training. If there is one thing that’s common to the community of the College of Computer Science, that is our CULTURE. The CCS culture reflects the college’s mission, vision and core values. Our community is composed of God-fearing, trustworthy, creative and fortitudinous students, faculty, staff, alumni, and industry partners.

The College of Computer Science offers an array of programs that observes a hands-on, and reality-based approach to education that allows students to apply what they learned in class to solve a real-life problem. The programs provide innovative training where students work on cutting-edge and relevant industry-based projects. CCS’s teaching philosophy, project-based learning, and knowledge retention process prepare students to become innovators, scientists, and leaders of the future.

One of the main reasons for our College’s ongoing success is our set of exceptional faculty members and staff. They are processors of our systems-the heart and soul of our programs. The outstanding faculty members and staff of CCS have a deep enduring commitment to our students’ education and learning experiences. They successfully transcend disciplinary boundaries with a progressive and proactive mindset which is centered on providing our students with an exemplary educational experience with the support of IT industry partners. The shared values of our college are exemplified in student-centered activities and programs that emphasize education and applied research in a broad community. There is more to being a CCS student than just coding and programming. The name Computer Science itself is self-descriptive of the discipline. It is simply science of computing. Ultimately, computer science is about producing optimal solutions to various real-world computational problems. We humans, with our minds and with paper and pencil is capable of solving any problem that a computer could solve. We simply write programs because computers are faster and more accurate than us humans in performing large scale or complex calculations.

What makes you more exciting about being a CCS student apart from the technical knowledge of your course? - These are the experiences and activities that spice up your learning experience. As a CCS student, you have the privilege to Connect, Care and Serve the community – a holistic approach in developing a student and preparing you to the world out of your comfort zones.

To top it all, the most rewarding part of being a CCS student is your career and your future. The data don’t lie! The field of information and communications technology is a dominant trend and continuously requires societal and industrial demands. As technology continuously improves, the demand for CS and IT professionals increases too. If you are worried about landing a job after college, our alumni are living testaments that being a CCS graduate equips you for the battle and makes you job-ready.

Welcome to your new home CCS Heroes! Prepare to Level up your XP and I hope you’ll have a good game!


The rapid growth in the deployment of information systems and information technology solutions in the business settings has thrust the University of Makati and particularly the CCS to offer baccalaureate degrees on Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Major in Application Development, Bachelor of Science in Computer Network Administration and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Service Management. The College provides access to new trends and ideas in information systems/technology to keep pace with the innovations and meet the demands of a fast-changing business and technology environment. It aims to develop globally competitive IT graduates who are God-fearing and morally upright from among the marginalized population of the City of Makati.




  1. God Fearing – Demonstrates reverence and submission to Almighty God and living in a way that is considered morally upright   
  2. Industry – Shows diligence in pursuing assigned tasks
  3. Fortitude – Expresses courage and strength in character 
  4. Trustworthy – Shows worth of confidence and deserving of trust
  5. Creativity – Shows ability to make new things or ideas



  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Major in:

  1. Application Development
  2. Social Computing
  • Bachelor of Science in Computational and Data Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Major in Information and Network Security


  • Diploma in Application Development

  • Diploma in Computer Network Administration


dean sabado



prof congzon

Associate Professor JANICE POLA D. CONGZON, MIT

College Secretary


Associate Professor JOEL B. MANGABA, DT

Department Chair (OIC), IT Programs


Assistant Professor ALI A. NAIM, MIS

Department Chair, CS Programs


Assistant Professor WILBER B. SABADO, MM

Department Chair (OIC), Diploma and Service Programs