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More Details About 49Th Commencement Exercises 2022!

More Details About 49Th Commencement Exercises 2022

Heads up, Herons of Batch 2022!

As we prepare for the 49th Commencement Exercises on July 28, 2022, to be held at the Makati Coliseum, please carefully read through the important dates and guidelines on how you can participate in your upcoming graduation ceremonies.

For more information, please visit this link: or forward your concerns to your respective colleges.

Soar High, Herons of Batch 2022!

See You at the Recognition Rites for UMak Batch 2020!



It’s been a long time coming, UMak Batch 2020!


As we continually prepare for your big day for the Recognition Rites for UMak Batch 2020 on November 30, 2022, to be held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), let’s keep in mind the following dates and guidelines to ensure the safety, security, and success of our program.

EVENT: Hyflex Internship Orientation

hyflex internship orientation

Image removed. We are now opening the FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE registration form for students who are interested in attending ONSITE for the HYFLEX INTERNSHIP ORIENTATION on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 1pm-5pm at HPSB 1012!

IMPORTANT: UMak Google Account Migration

Google Storage Policy

Hi Herons!


Google will be implementing a new storage policy that will affect all existing customers of Google Workspace for Education editions in July 2022.


The unlimited storage amount will be limited to designated pooled storage available. Please note that this will affect Drive, Photos, Gmail, and Shared Drives.


To preserve our pool storage, UMak ITC will implement an estimated 5 GB limit for student and alumni accounts.


UMak Faculty Evaluation - 2nd Sem, '21-22


Faculty evaluation is conducted every semester to determine the performance of faculty members of the University.

Using your UMak email account, visit the link below to access the form from May 16 to June 03, 2022.

For College:

For Higher School ng UMak:

UMak scores 55.6% on May '22 Civil Engr. License Exam


Congratulations to the newly licensed Heron Civil Engineers! May you continue to soar high as future builders of this land!


According to Professional Regulation Commission, UMak's College of Construction Services and Engineering scores 55.6% national passing rate, with 10 passers of out 18 for this year's examinees and these are all first-timer passers.

UMak Score's 100% on April '22 Pharmacist Licensure Exam

Congratulations to our newly licensed Heron Pharmacists for passing the April 2022 Pharmacist Licensure Examination! May you continue to work hard and persevere to reach your career goals! #UMakeUsProud #SoarHighHeron

Congratulations, Pioneer Nine!

Pioneer Nine

Congratulations to the Pioneer Nine! 100% Passing Rate! May you uphold the mission to protect and defend the rights of the Filipino people you'll serve. The Pioneer Nine is the first batch of graduates of the University of Makati’s School of Law.

Suspension of Synchronus and Asynchronus Classes for Lenten 2022



Memorandum No. 022-016

Subject: AS STATED
Date: April 07, 2022