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Life Coaching Seminar-119Th Csc Anniversary 2019

Submitted by lourlene.ugaddan on Mon, 11/18/2019 - 11:02





As the employees of the university fulfill their obligations ever day as dedicated public servants, it must be put into light the fact that they should fill their lives as much as they fill the lives of others. Administrators and academicians alike, the best feeling is amplifying what one has towards the others. Equally important is that this outlook should have assured longevity; it should serve as the foundation cascading towards the community.

These statements have been the impetus of what transpired on September 11th, 2019. Attended by more than 80 employees in the university, the “Life Coaching: Build Your Future” Seminar has set the ideal and attainable situation in the future for everyone, especially the holistic aspect of personal finances. Preparing for the future is the call of the hour, and Prof. Regina S. Filart, Senior Vice President of the Philippine Women’s University, heed the call and serving as the resource speaker for the event. Through her very words, the greatest investment of all is one’s positive attitude towards learning. It should be translated into tangible outcomes. Starting a savings program as early as possible is the first step towards a livable and secured life, even until retirement and beyond. A wise decision making and well-thought undertaking mean that one can multiply his financial capabilities. It is a matter of knowing and investing: knowing all the possibilities, their costs, and benefits if pursued, then investing on those that are deemed the most ideal. One may invest in stocks, on life insurances, on retirement plans, even on Treasury Bills and Bonds. In the meantime, concentrate on saving: saving not just to spend, but saving towards the future.

The aspect worth noting during the event is the proactive participation of the participants, even sharing their personal strategies toward their colleagues. One of them even stated that in investing, everyone must put their game-face on, be attentive to changes every day in the world of finance. May it be minor or major in its impact, it must be considered for actions to be taken in the future. As one participant averred, “Do not put all the eggs in one basket”.

In the same event, persons of their respective firms and companies took the opportunity in presenting their proposals for financial plans that the employees can consider or decide on. The coordinators for the website called “Learning Switch shared how anyone could hone their lifelong skills through experiencing the opportunities and demands of the 21st Century. With just a click, free online classes on digital skills are offered. Mr. Francisco M. Brondial, Regional Sales Manager of PhilPlans has promoted their financial plans for the employees to consider. Ms. May Elizabeth Saul has taken the opportunity to do the same as an Assistant Unit Manager of Pru Life UK.

May this momentous event serve as an instrument for everyone to live with security: security in finances and security within their hearts and minds. In reiteration, this is the foundation of a livable life, translated towards effective public service.


Written and Submitted by: Mr. John David L. Ayson

Photos submitted by: Ms. Lee Ugaddan