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Annual University Convocation 2021: “A Future- Ready Umak For Higher Education In The New Normal”.

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A Future-Ready UMak highlighted in the Annual University Convocation

-written by Maria Angelica Ramos



With the direction setting by the VPAA, Dr. Elyxzur C. Ramos, the annual convocation was grounded on the University’s rigor towards adapting to the new normal, ensuring the preservation of UMak’s uniqueness and identity while still pursuing different recognitions and accreditations as a local HEI, and accomplishing its short- and long-term goals for all of its stakeholders.


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With the universal struggle of working in the New Normal our guest speaker, Dr. Dave Vincent Mangilet, DBA jumpstarted the morning session by giving tips and insights on how time may be managed healthily, effectively, and productively. This is followed by speakers from various offices and departments who shared their challenges, achievements, and insights on the university’s academic and administrative landscape. Highlights of the morning session focused on the different developments made by the University to accommodate the needs for flexible learning and a New Normal work culture. The flexible e-learning program required different offices to also adjust and recalibrate their processes and services. At the forefront of this endeavor, the ICT Department shared the different enhancements that they have made for the online services, internet speed, and the wired & wireless network projects that they have accomplished. This effort of strengthening our IT infrastructure was taken a step further by the acquisition and implementation of our TBL Hub. The TBL Hub Director Dr. Enrico Santos shared how the University’s flexible e-learning program is truly our backbone for effective learning and future-ready education in the New Normal.

Although technological innovations were at the frontlines of developments in the University, there are constant support systems that our students need for their learning as expressed by the USC Student Regent Mr. Gil Arcos. For a Future-Ready UMak, the improved University protocols for our physical safety and well-being led by the COVID19 Task Force were discussed by Dr. Allan Angelo Raymundo, security protocols and readiness of facilities were explained by Mr. Orlando P. Benedicto, Sr of OHSO, and Mr. Eleazar Santiago of GSO, while the strategies to ensure the security of data and information were shared by Prof. Pompeyo C. Adamos III from the Data Protection and Record Management Service Office. Also adjusted for our students’ needs were the services from our University Library Learning Commons. Chief Librarian Jennifer Laluna outlined the various training and services offered by their office such as ODILO Webinar Library Training, ProQuest Training, Virtual References Services, and other online library programs.


The program was also filled with discussions on the long-term goals and prospects that were previously presented in the Pre-Annual University Convocation held last August 16, 2021. One of the aforementioned long-term goals of the university is towards recognition and accreditation from regulatory and accrediting bodies., Dr. Milagros Lourdes M. Torres of QMDC reports on the “Institutional Recognition and Program Accreditation Updates”. This is backed up with an informative presentation by Atty. Cecilio D. Duka, Ed.D from the COE on the “CHED Institutional Recognition and Innovations for Sustainable Curricula, Instructional Delivery, and Assessment of Outcomes Presenting the insights from their cluster composed of SOL, COAHS, CCAPS, CBFS, and CGPP was Dr. Maria Fay Nanette Cariaga focused on “Maintaining the Identity of UMak as a Trailblazer in the Field of Education and Good Foundation of Research”. Exploring on the external support that we can get for our programs and initiatives the cluster composed of the CTM, CCSE, CCS, Higher School ng UMak, CNSTP, Makati Training Placement and Livelihood, and the CLCDP represented by Dr. Danilo C. Sabado shares his insights on “Industry Partnership and Linkages and Learner Support and Faculty Development”. Concluding the afternoon session was a presentation from HRMO Head, Ms. Juvy B. Hermosura on the “Innovations of the Administrative Department for the New Normal Systems and Processes”.


Setbacks caused by the pandemic are slowly being turned into opportunities for learning and growth by the different offices and units as is shown in this year’s annual university convocation. Together, the present achievements and aspirations serve as an inspiration and testament to the University’s perseverance to stay true to its Mission and Vision while also aiming for a future-ready UMak.


To know the full details, feel free to watch the University of Makati’s 2021 Annual University Convocation through this link: