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Office Of The University Secretary

USec Ivan


University Secretary


Engr. Luke Ivan B. Moro, a Chemical Engineer from the Adamson University, is the University Secretary of University of Makati (UMak). He earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, and has completed his academic requirements for his Doctoral degree in Business Administration at Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology.


He has been with the University of Makati (UMak) since 1998 as an Instructor under the College of Technology Management (CTM), where he developed syllabi for the core and allied courses that he had taught.


His administrative journey began in 2007 as the Head of Human Resources Department Office (HRDO). As the HR Head, he managed all the activities of all HR staff related to 201 file management, payroll processing, recruitment and placement, and training and development.


Then, in 2010, he was appointed as the Head of the Supply and Property Management Office (SPMO), where he served as property custodian of all UMak’s property and at the same time, prepared the Annual Procurement Plan for the university in coordination with end users.


Soon after, he was designated as the College Secretary of the College of Business Administration in 2011 and represented the Dean in collegial meetings and did administrative matters of college operations.


After a year, he became the Director of the Planning Center, and prepared Annual Investment Plan (AIP) for the University and the reports on the progress of the implementation of project included in the AIP.


His longest designation was being the Research Director from 2013 to 2019. During his time as Research Director, he reviewed submitted research works of faculty members on acceptability and integrity, and published those in the university research journal.


In 2019, a year prior to his designation as the University Secretary, he served as Knowledge Management Center (KMC) Director. He developed performance measurement framework that tracks the performance of employees of the university.


Along with the enactment of the Charter of the University of Makati as stated in the City Ordinance no. 2020-059 last year, Engr. Moro has been appointed as the University Secretary— heading his office (OUSEC), the Corporate Communications Center (CCC), the Center for Alumni Affairs (CAA), and the Data Protection and Records Management Services (DPRMS). .


The University Secretary provides secretarial work to policy-making bodies in the university, namely the Board of Regents, the University Council, and the Management Committee. This includes preparation and distribution of agenda and supporting documentation, and preparing minutes of meetings. Through this function, the University Secretary communicates to the community the decisions and thrusts of the management.


Build a history of the university through a summary of BOR decisions. This summary will be in electronic form and will be available in the university website.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Serves as secretary of both the Board of Regents and the university and shall keep all records and proceedings of the Board, communicate to each member of the Board of Regents, notice of meetings and agenda;
  2. Renders technical assistance to the University President in the formulation and implementation of policies, rules and regulations approved by the Board of Regents, Executive Committee, and other relevant bodies in the university;
  3. Prepares agenda of meetings, minutes of meetings of the Board of Regents, Executive Committee, University Council, as well as provide documentation of items in the agenda;
  4. Keep records and minutes of the proceedings of the Board of Regents and the Executive Committee, as well as all other pertinent records of the university;
  5. Prepare office memoranda, office orders, office circulars and prepare official communications for other agencies, government or private;
  6. Disseminate the approved resolutions passed by the Board of Regents and Executive Committee to the officials and parties concerned, subject to the approval of the University President;
  7. Develop, initiate, implement, and approve various projects (e.g. Branding and Marketing, Data Privacy, Record Keeping, Archiving, and Alumni Relation) of the Office of the University Secretary and its centers in accordance with the existing policy and guidelines of the university;
  8. Attend and participate in the Management Committee meetings to decide, determine, and resolve institutional concerns that may or may not need the intervention of the University President. Identify the matters to be discussed and prepare the agenda, minutes of the meeting, and other necessary materials; and
  9. Manage the Image of the university through the appropriate communication mediums, such as the website and social media pages.
  10. Encourage alumni to be advocates for the university and be an active partner of the university in promoting the university as a reputable higher education institution.


Corporate Communications Center (CCC)

Data Protection and Records Management and Services (DPRMS)

Center for Alumni Affairs (CAA)