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School Of Law

Who we are





University of the Philippines-   Bachelor of Science in Business Economics, (cum laude) 1992, Bachelor of Law, 1996

Cornell Law School-                  Masters of Law

BAR QUALIFICATIONS:            1997, Philippines

                                                     2001, New York

  • PRESIDENT - Developers of Renewable Energy for Advancement, Inc. (DREAM)
  • CHAIRPERSON - National Renewable Energy Board 2016-2018
  • UNDERSECRETARY - Department Energy
  • PROFESSOR OF LAW - University of the Philippines 2002-Present
  • SENIOR COUNSEL - Chevron Malampaya LLC 2007-2010
  • INTERNATIONAL LEGAL CONSULTANT- Asian Development Bank, 2006
  • FOREIGN LAWYER - Sullivan & Cromwell, New York 2000-2002


Welcome to another academic year at UMak-SOL. When the law school was established, it was envisioned to develop lawyers with a strong sense of justice and social responsibility, trained to utilize the law towards promoting social good. We hope that you remain committed to the values of UMak SOL scholar- PERSEVERANCE amidst the daily grind of your academic requirements; HUMILITY in all aspects of life; the pursuit of EXCELLENCE as you adhere to the vision of UMak- SOL and the larger legal community; and most importantly, a genuine dedication to place INTEGRITY at the center of all that you do.

We assure you of our commitment in providing the best legal education program that will prepare you to be exceptional lawyers in the future.


-Dean Jose M. Layug Jr.



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1. To be the Center of Excellence in legal studies, particularly in the fields of human rights, local governance, and public policy;


2. To enhance the legal research abilities of law students to enable them to analyze, articulate and apply the law effectively for counseling, advocacy and extension undertakings that will significantly contribute to the moral and socio-economic growth of progressive communities in Makati and the country at large;



3. To develop among the law student’s competence necessary for gainful employment or sufficient foundation for future training beyond the basic professional degree, and to foster in them the desire and capacity for continuing study and self-improvement in the pursuit of life-long academic and professional excellence; and



4. To inculcate in them the ethics and responsibilities of the legal profession to produce lawyers who conscientiously pursue the lofty goals of their profession, fully adhering to its ethical norms.



Center on Human Rights

Center on Law and Technology

Center on Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Center on Law and Local Governance

Center on Energy and Environment