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University Research


The Research Center is under the Office of the Vice President for Planning and Research (OVPPR). It serves as a hub for review of research papers of employees, faculty and administrative personnel, or in collaboration with students for the purpose of fulfilling the promotion requirement, improving the credibility and reputation of the researcher and the university. It is also a venue for producing quality research outputs.


The Center envisions a university of engaged professionals committed to do discipline-based research that contributes to the continual enrichment of its body of knowledge and/or the development of the City Government of Makati as the premier city of the country.


To actualize its vision, the Center is committed in producing a reputable research journal; providing comprehensive research services through the use of both commercial and open-source research software; and establishing partnerships with industry, research organizations, and other HEIs for collaborative and commissioned research work.


  • It formulates, reviews, recommends, and monitors the implementation of relevant research policies, guidelines, and mechanisms.
  • It identifies potential researchers and/or facilitates conceptualization of faculty and staff research projects including designing its own research projects.
  • It facilitates the screening of research proposals and evaluates outputs.
  • It coordinates the various tasks and activities of the Research Center with the council of deans/committees, colleges, and units.
  • It manages UNIVERSITAS, the official university journal.


  1. Provide technical research competence to UMak faculty members, students, and administrative personnel.
  2. Enforce policies and standards on research formulated and agreed on by the academic community.
  3. Manage information resources through the creation of an information management system for related literature/studies.
  4. Serve as a gateway to patent searching and facilitation of IP protection.
  5. Implement research work that can benefit both the University and the City Government of Makati.

Core Values

The Research Center empowers the University community through:

  • TRANSPARENCY (Openness and collaboration among industry partners, research organizations and other Academic Institutions)
  • EQUALITY (Addresses fair principles)
  • EXCELLENCE (Achieves outstanding research quality and productivity)


Prof. Delos Santos

Prof. Florante E. Delos Santos 

Research Director

Florante E. Delos Santos is a tenured assistant professor at the University of Makati. He was a former Assistant Director of the Center for Guidance Services and is the current University Research Director of UMak. He has academically completed his Master’s degree in Pastoral Ministry at the Immaculate Conception Graduate School of Theology and finished his Master’s degree in Education major in Guidance Counseling at the University of Makati. He has taught philosophy, theology, English, and social sciences courses. His research interests include philosophy, particularly Wittgenstein and Wojtyla; student services, and counseling. He is also a licensed professional teacher and a Registered Guidance Counselor, and also a certified peer reviewer by the Publons Academy/ Web of Science.



Asst. Prof. Florante E. Delos Santos
Email: [email protected]

YouTube: University Research Center UMak
Facebook: University Research Center- URC (

Office Location:
3rd Floor, UMak Admin Building,
University of Makati, JP Rizal Extn., West Rembo, Makati City