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University Research



In May 2017, by virtue of a memorandum from the Office of the President dated on May 10, 2017, the Knowledge Management Center was created as a way of strengthening the educational environment within the framework of knowledge management, in complementation with the existing academic and administrative structures, programs and activities.  The Knowledge Management Center is comprised of the University Library, Research Center, and Center for Curriculum and Materials Development.

As part of the triangle that comprises the newly created Knowledge Management Center, the Research Center is responsible for the discovery, application and integration of knowledge essential to the university’s pursuit for quality tertiary education.

Knowledge Management Center Vision

A model for Knowledge Management and Transformation

KMC Mission

Spearhead knowledge-based leadership and transformation efforts towards quality education.

KMC Values

Our mission is guided by key values:

  1. Quality
  2. Integrity
  3. Outcome-based
  4. Transformative Leadership

KMC Goals

Create/discover/generate knowledge for continual growth and development of the university.

  1. Ensure quality and relevance of knowledge-based leadership.
  2. Play active role in the management of knowledge.
  3. Enhance the knowledge culture and environment.
  4. Manage knowledge for the benefit of the University.

KMC Objectives

  1. Ensure effective and efficient implementation of Outcomes-Based Learning.
  2. Strengthen quality instruction, learning experiences, and learning communities.
  3. Provide opportunities for ideas generation, application, utilization and dissemination of knowledge.
  4. Strengthen and innovate Knowledge Management repositories.

Research Center Vision           

The Center envisions a University of engaged professionals committed to do discipline-based research that contributes to the continual enrichment of its body of knowledge and or the development of the City Government of Makati as the premier city of the country.  

RC Mission

To actualize its vision, the Center is committed in producing a reputable research journal by providing comprehensive research services through the use of both commercial and open-source research software and establishing partnerships with industry, research organizations, and other HEIs for collaborative and commissioned research work.            

RC Goals

  1. Provide technical research competence to UMak faculty members, students, and administrative personnel.
  2. Enforce policies and standards on research formulated and agreed on by academic community.
  3. Manage information resources through creation of information management system for related literature/studies.   
  4. Serve as gateway to patent searching and facilitation of IP protection.
  5. Implement research work that can benefit both the University and the City Government of Makati.

RC Core Values

The Research Center empowers the University community through:

  • TRANSPARENCY (Openness and collaboration among industry partners, research organizations and other Academic Institutions)
  • EQUALITY (Addresses fair principles)
  • EXCELLENCE (Achieves outstanding research quality and productivity)