Office of the Vice President for Student Services and Community Development


Empowered responsible students instilled with strong school spirit.


The OVPSSCD commits itself to serve the students with relevant out-of-classroom learning experiences aimed at molding the students to be empowered and responsible individuals.


Vice President for Student Services and Community Development

VIRGILIO BULAN TABBU obtained his Master of Arts in Education major in Administration and Supervision and currently finishing his Doctor of Education major in Innovative Education Management at the University of Makati. He finished his Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Social Science at Pangasinan State University.

He has been the Coordinator of the Community Service Program of the Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS). He served as College Secretary of the College of Human Kinetics for one Academic Year. He also served as member of the Technical Working Group (TWG) in Modeling at the University of Makati the Implementation of Senior High School of the K to 12 Program and subsequently designated as Department Head for Academic, Sports and Arts of the Higher School ng UMak (HSU) during the first year of implementation in 2012. For 5 years he served as the Executive Director of the Design Center for Nation Building, the seat of the National Service Training Program (NSTP), Youth Development Program (YDP), and the Safety Management Training Program (SMTP) an alternative elective subjects for Grades 11 and 12 of the Higher School at the University of Makati. He was the former Dean of the Office of Student Life. He also served ALCUCOA as the Administrative Officer for 4 years. At present, he is the Vice President for Student Services and Community Development.

The OVPSSCD is committed to deliver the following services:

  1. Provide guidance and counseling services (CGCS).
  2. Promote inclusive and gender-fair education through the Center for Inclusive Education, Gender and Development (CIEGAD).
  3. Development and promotion of students’ talents and skills through the Center for Athletic Development Center (CAD) and Center for Culture and the Arts (CCA).
  4. Formation programs through the Center for Student Organizations and Activities (CSOA) and the Center for Student Formation and Discipline (CSFD).
  5. Spiritual development and religious activities through the Office of the University Chaplain.
  6. Student Assistantship through the University Student Assistantship Program (UNISAP).
  7. Provide mentoring and coaching services to student leaders in planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating their respective year-round activities; monitors and advises student leaders about transparency and accountability in handling their funds, i.e. collection and disbursement of miscellaneous fees, endorses budget requests of student organizations to the Accounting Office and scouts for sponsorship to student-related activities.
  8. Coordinate with different offices in the formulation of policies, rules and regulations that will redound to the benefit of the students.
  9. Facilitate students’ requests (if necessary), for the students’ educational welfare.
  10. Promote volunteerism among students, alumni, faculty and employees to carry out various extension programs, projects and activities that are research-based in order to respond to the needs of every sector in the community.
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Prof. Virgilio B. Tabbu
VP for Student Services and Community Development
Direct Line: 8883-1875

Offices and Centers under Office of the Vice President for Student Services and Community Development