How to Apply for School Records?

1. Initiate an Online Request

Do an online request using the link below

2. Checking of Clearances

The Registrar staff will check your clearance if completed all seven (7) offices namely: Accounting office, Cash office, Center for Alumni, Library commons, Supply and Property, Center for Student Formation and Discipline and your College stamped CLEARED.

If cleared by all seven offices, processing of requested school record/s starts.

3. Processing

Wait for 30 days for processing of your School Records. Then we will email your schedule using the online appointment once school records requested are ready to release

4. Payment

If scheduled, please proceed to the Office of the University Registrar for your payment slip. Pay your requested school records at the Cash Office located at the 6th floor room 605, HPSB building

Also, bring a Documentary Stamp; this is available at UMak Cooperative store, 10th floor room 1001, HPSB building

5. Releasing

After payment go back to the Registrar’s Office for releasing of your requested School Records.

Just a reminder

If you’re not available on your scheduled date, please provide your Representative an Authorization letter, photocopy of your valid ID and representative’s valid ID