Arnisadors Capture Gold and Silver at 2023 Palarong Pambansa

UMak celebrates yet another exceptional achievement, this time courtesy of the UMak Arnisadors. Four remarkable students from the Higher School ng UMak demonstrated their arnis prowess during the 63rd Palarong Pambansa. These skilled athletes proudly represented the National Capital Region (NCR) Arnis Team in the annual sporting event.

The UMak Arnisadors, Zander Zukie Abenoja, Leonard Buscato, Rose Ann Nicole Payumo, and Alexis Padilla, delivered outstanding performances at the event held at Marist School Marikina. The university’s delegation was able to take a pair of medals in Arnis, with Padilla capturing the coveted gold medal in the Combative – Half Lightweight category and Buscato earning a silver medal in the Combative – Bantamweight category.

As UMak goes beyond the 50 years, there’s no denying the growing competitiveness and skill within the Heron community. UMak’s impact now stretches across various fields and arenas, garnering increasing prominence and respect. In light of this, our gratitude extends to every member of our community who, through their unwavering support and contributions, has steered us toward success. As the new school year approaches, we hope to cultivate more dreams and noble aspirations within our campus.

Once again, congratulations to our dedicated UMak Arnisadors and coaches. Your tireless determination has truly made a significant mark in our ever-evolving legacy.

Written by: Mark Mabalay/CIC