CCIS conducted its first ICT Literacy Program

IN PHOTO: College of Computing and Information Sciences (CCIS) faculty members, Computer Society student officers (ComSoc) and CCIS Student Council. With the Makati Homeville participants in the ICT Literacy Training (Photo: ComSoc)

17 April 2024 – College of Computing and Information Sciences with college’s student leaders organized its ICT Literacy program in the Makati Homeville in Calauan, Laguna, a university-adopted community. The participants in Basic Microsoft Word and Excel, and the barangay employees welcomed them in their gymnasium.

As part of preparation, four faculty members of the college conducted a needs assessment in the university-adopted community. This aimed to tailor-fit a program for the needs of the community in terms of ICT literacy.

The participants from Makati Homeville in MS Word and MS Excel (Photo: ComSoc).

The college had its first Makati ICT Literacy Program way back year 2012.The college never disregarded its commitment to helping the citizens of Makati or the Makatizens every year up to the present. The ICT Literacy Program is designed to enhance the Makatizen’s digital skills and to prepare them for the demands of the modern workforce.

The Makatizens delved into various facets of ICT through the guidance of experienced faculty members. These included basic computer operations, internet and software tools familiarity, and usage of digital communication platforms. The participants engaged in hands-on activities which assimilate the uses of the hardware and software tools.

The college scheduled to continue the 2nd phase of the training in Calauan, Laguna on May 22, 2024.