Cebuana Lhuillier extends thanks to UMak for strong partnership with a Thanksgiving Dinner

Cebuana Lhuillier invited the University of Makati to an intimate thanksgiving dinner hosted by the company’s President and CEO, Mr. Jean Henri Lhuillier, in gratitude to the longstanding and strengthening partnership between the two institutions. In attendance to the gathering were UMak’s management committee members headed by its president, Prof. Elyxzur C. Ramos, along with the deans and directors.

As a welcoming gesture, the guests were ushered to one of the many museums in the P.J. Lhuillier Museum collection, displaying hundreds of religious arts and relics of the Catholic faith, personally put together by the patriarch, Mr. Philippe Jones Lhuillier, the current Philippine ambassador to Spain, who is known to be an avid art collector, as featured under his profile in the official website of Forbes, and as evidenced as well by the massive collection of “ivory carvings depicting different expressions of Jesus Christ on the cross”, religious paintings from the 16th century onwards, and wood carvings, among many others, currently being displayed in his museums around the country.

The first leg of the tour was paused to give way to the already-awaiting scrumptious dinner, shared by UMak guests, Cebuana Lhuillier officials and employees, and beneficiaries to the various philanthropic achievements of the institution that is Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation, Inc. (CLFI).

It was over dinner when the program organized by CLFI commenced, beginning with a message delivered by Mr. Jonathan Batangan, presenting the new collaborations to be entered by the Foundation and UMak, for a more fruitful partnership in the coming years.

Mr. Jean Henri Lhuillier then spoke about his fun experience in his attendance to a meeting where, unbeknownst to his seatmate that he is Mr. Lhuillier and not a UMak official, he was asked about the number of graduates UMak will confer in the then-upcoming mid-year graduation rites, to which he has accurately given his answer, as well as to the question as to how many students does the University of Makati has. JHL, as he is being called by everyone, signified that such familiarity with the kind of information he has given was a clear indicator of his close relationship with UMak.

JHL, a recipient of the Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa awarded by the university, has been nothing but grateful for UMak, for being its active partner in ensuring that nobody gets left behind in the race for academic achievement. The Foundation has been generous in providing scholarships to those who need it most, not only to Makatizens, but also to far-reaching communities and beneficiaries across the country.

Then, President Elyxzur Ramos, to many as Sir X, delivered his message of gratitude to the Foundation, for trusting UMak and for making the university a consistent beneficiary of the scholarship programs of CLFI, and thereby helping UMak produce more employable graduates.

Being a night of partnership and linkages, Cebuana Lhuillier and the University of Makati topped off the event with a ceremonial signing of various Memorandum of Agreement, which opens many doors of opportunities for the students, faculty and staff of the university. They have signed the renewal of the Student Insurance Coverage MOA, as well as the Information Technology Olympics Agreement. They then sealed new agreements on Financial Literacy and the Ka-Negosyo MSME Coaching Program.

After the ceremonial signing, the parties continued their tour to the highlight of the P.J. Lhuillier Museum – a display of relics of saints, stored in the basement of one museum in the area, highlighting the importance of faith in the lives of the living.

Guests have parted ways after the night with a renewed sense of purpose, achievement, and faith in one God.


Written by: Ms. Diana Marie Bolo – Linkages and International Relations Coordinator