Center for Guidance and Counseling Services conducts Group Process Training for Peer Facilitators

08 March 2024 – The Center for Guidance and Counseling Services (CGCS) organized a Group Process Training for the Peer Facilitators Association (PFA). The said training, facilitated by Dr. Lucia Dela Cruz, RGC, aims to equip 27 peer counselors with essential skills, knowledge, and the right attitude to effectively modify student behavior.

During the training session, all attendees willingly participated in interactive activities and discussions, exploring fundamental topics that are important for understanding and applying effective group processes. The topics covered included the Field Theory, the framework for group processes, and techniques for creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere within student groups.

The CGCS plans to continue hosting similar training sessions in the future, recognizing the vital role that peer facilitators play in creating a positive and nurturing campus environment. The center remains dedicated to providing comprehensive support to students, ensuring their holistic development and success.

This was a project by CGCS Training and Development, under the supervision of Ms. Ma. Romanita C. De Borja, and the Peer Facilitators Association (PFA), under the supervision of Ms. Gichelle Hanna C. Roxas.