CGCS’s webinar ‘Mind Matters’ shed light on mental health

06 March 2024 – The Center for Guidance and Counseling Services conducted a webinar titled “Mind Matters” focusing on the mental well-being of the students.

Vice President Virgilio Tabbu of Student Services and Community Development delivered the opening remarks. Then, CGCS Director Ryan Villanueva gave a comprehensive discussion on mental health.

VP Gil Tabbu delivering his opening remarks.

The discussion centered around providing students with basic knowledge about anxiety, depression, and stress. He highlighted how the Center for Guidance and Counseling Services (CGCS) plays a crucial role in assisting students facing these challenges.


Support Beyond CGCS

The webinar also emphasized additional resources available to students beyond CGCS given the the multifaceted nature of mental health challenges. This holistic approach ensures that students have access to a variety of support options tailored to their individual needs.

Guidance Coordinator Aiko Caguioa closing the program

Guidance coordinator, Ms. Hannah Roxas, the driving force behind the event, showcased the efforts of the entire CGCS team in ensuring the success of the Mind Matters initiative. The dedication of the team members was evident, and their collective efforts truly made the event a phenomenal experience for all participants.

Ms. Hannah Roxas supervised the technical team during the webinar.

Psych Intern Adrian Lee as the webinar facilitator.

This webinar exemplified the commitment of the CGCS team to providing vital information and support to the university community, fostering an environment that prioritizes mental well-being.

As universities increasingly acknowledge the importance of addressing mental health, initiatives like “Mind Matters” contribute significantly to creating awareness and fostering a supportive community.