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CHK’s BS Exercise and Sports Science Interns Drafted by Prominent Industry Orgs

On January 9, the Pinning and Draft Ceremony of CHK Sports Science Interns took place at UMAK HPSB 1012. This event marked a significant milestone in the interns’ professional journey as they were drafted by prominent organizations in the industry.

The partnership between the College of Human Kinetics and several esteemed organizations, including Toby’s Sports, Anytime Fitness, Animo magazine, Club Pilipino, Belarmino Senior High School, Gymnastics Association of the Philippines, Alphaland Corporation, UMAK Gym, and Special Olympics Pilipinas, is a
testament to the recognition of the interns’ potential and talent.

These partnerships will not only provide the interns with invaluable opportunities for growth and development but will also shape their professional journeys in the sports science field. It’s a collaboration that promises to be mutually beneficial, fostering talent and innovation in the industry.

The adoption of the OJT (On-the-Job Training) Draft from the Sports format is an innovative approach in the field of education, particularly within the College of Human Kinetics (CHK). This system assigns students to industry partners based on their skills, capabilities, and interests, akin to how players are drafted to teams based on their talents and potential.

By implementing this format, CHK enhances the transition from study to employment for its students, making it more feasible and efficient. Matching students with industry partners that align with their skills and interests increases the likelihood of a successful internship experience and potentially leads to future
employment opportunities.

The OJT Draft not only benefits students by providing them with relevant and meaningful work experiences but also benefits industry partners by ensuring that they receive interns who can contribute effectively to their organizations. Additionally, it fosters collaboration and synergy between the academic institution and the industry, promoting mutual growth and development.

Overall, the adoption of the OJT Draft from the sports format demonstrates CHK’s commitment to innovative education methods and its dedication to preparing students for successful careers in the field of sports science.