Conducting a Research in UMak? Here’s How

Dear researcher:

Thank you for your interest in researching with us at the University of Makati. To ensure that your research is within the bounds of the Ethics of Research, please accomplish the CUR and UMREC Request to Conduct Research form by clicking the button below.

Please upload the Consolidated Files for Research Request (please upload only one (1) file containing the following):

  1. Application for the Ethics Review of A New Protocol UMREC Form No. 0013 (Please Click to Download)
  2. Research Protocol (It should contain the following)
    • Ethical Consideration Form with Informed Consent Form (Please click the link to see our sample)
    • Abstract/ Description of the study
    • Statement of the Problem
    • Purpose of the Study
    • Questionnaire/Survey tool
    • Research Design and Methodology
    • Endorsement Letter from Research Adviser (Optional)

Moreover, if you are a non-UMak researcher and your research have been reviewed by your institution’s Research Ethics Board/Committee or any PHREB accredited external Research Ethics Board/Committee, please disregard the required UMREC Form 013 above and replace it with their Decision Letter or Research Ethics Clearance Certification.

Wishing you all the best of luck.


Center for University Research and UMak Research Ethics Committee

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