Be a Teacher! Pre-enlist now to the College of Innovative Teacher Education

Our country and the world need INNOVATIVE TEACHERS!

The University of Makati – College of Innovative Teacher Education calls all Senior High School Graduates who aspire to inspire and mold the future as TEACHERS & EDUCATION LEADERS.​


  • VOCATION – Teaching is the noblest profession.
  • RESILIENCE – During the Pandemic, teachers kept their jobs.
  • PURPOSE – Teaching is the mother of all professions.
  • COMPETITIVENESS – Teacher Salary (in DepEd as of 2023) starts at Php27,000+
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Teaching opens doors for work abroad.
  • GROWTH – Teaching provides venues for continued professional development.
  • VALUE – The intangible rewards of teaching are endless.

Be a world-class teacher! Scan the QR code to PRE-ENLIST with your chosen EDUCATION COURSE and get your chance to become future HERON SCHOLARS!


  • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Studies
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education

This pre-enlistment is for the COLLEGE OF INNOVATIVE TEACHER EDUCATION only and does not replace the Official Admission Procedure of the University of Makati.  UMAK Admission Schedule opens February 20 – April 19, 2024.

Visit bit.ly/3S7kbxd to sign up and begin your pre-enlistment. For more details, you may email cite@umak.edu.ph .