GSO and CGCS Team Up for Customer Service Excellence Workshop

17 April 2024 – The General Services Office (GSO) with the Center for Guidance and Counseling Services (CGCS) hosted a comprehensive customer service training workshop. Held at Multimedia Room 901 HPSB, University of Makati, the workshop delved into the intricacies of excellent customer service.
They covered vital aspects such as the essence of customer service, effective communication techniques, adept problem-solving, and decision-making skills. The workshop aimed at fostering a culture of exceptional service provision.
Participants were also equipped with strategies for managing challenging situations with finesse. The initiative aims to instill a commitment to quality and excellence in customer service across the university community.
The workshop also serves as a reminder of the importance of mutual respect, obedience, understanding, and professionalism. This is particular when engaging with the elevator operators and drivers given its symbiotic nature.
As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango,” emphasizing the collective responsibility in nurturing a conducive environment for exemplary service delivery.