HSU Conducted Its Face-to-Face 9th Commencement Exercises After 2 Years

“I want to remind each one of you that no matter how hot, how dangerous or how painful your fire is, as long as you burn for the right reason, you’ll never get lost in the dark. Your fire will serve as your source of light to guide [you] on the right path.” – Charles Vincent Pigao, HSU Class of 2022 Valedictorian.

Last July 7, 2022, The Higher School ng UMak (HSU) conducted its 9th commencement exercises at Makati Coliseum.

The event has been remarkable as it is the return of the face-to-face graduation after the stringent protocols of the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases regarding on-site gatherings for a large number of participants.

The graduation rites were done in 3 batches to assure the health and safety of the partakers. The first batch was participated by the Accountancy and Business Management Strand students, and Humanities and Social Science students. The second batch was with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Strand students, and Arts and Design Strand students. The last was with the Technical and Vocational Strand students, and Sports Track students.

The passion exhibited by the students to accomplish the 2 years of online classes was greatly appreciated by the HSU by creating this history as it’s the first on-site graduation ceremony of the University of Makati since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and most of the students were recognized as academically exceptional for they were awarded honors and high honors.