HSU conducts Career forum for Grade 12 students

12 April 2024 – Higher School ng UMak (HSU) organized a Work Immersion Career Talk with a theme A Pathway for a Better Future. The purpose is to help the students choose their future paths before they enter college.

HSU Dean, Dr. Ma. Corazon Benosa encouraged the students to ask questions to further clarify their goals and embrace the exploration process.

Roundtable of Discussants

Colleges Deans, Prof. Jayson Bergania and Atty. Kristofferson Dela Cruz shared their journey towards their passion and current profession. They debunked the misconceptions about their field of expertise. They also stated the significant challenges and memorable experiences. 

Deans from other colleges , Prof. Joel Mangaba, Prof. Maria Theresa Icalla and Prof. Moner Raguindin also shared their career background and experiences. They imparted the emerging new opportunities in their respective fields. They then described how they dealt with setbacks on their paths.


Open Forum

They covered topics about steps to be taken first, doubts with their decisions and other possible options in the Q&A forum. The speakers actively answered their questions, advising them to take one thing at a time.

They also discussed the flexibility of their chosen programs in case they have a change of heart. They also motivated them to finish their future degrees before pursuing another passion.

Then the resource speakers were given a certificate of appreciation for sharing their knowledge and insights.

The event concluded with a closing remarks from Student Services and Community Development Vice President, Mr. Virgilio Tabbu. He highlighted the seamless integration of the careers’ requirements. He then hoped that the speakers were able to provide advices in choosing a profession.

HSU teachers, Mr. Elvis Galzote and Mr. Michael Robert Alviar hosted the career talk.