IN PHOTOS: UMak Community Welcomes Delegates from 10th ICT Research Congress

The lights are on, podiums stand sturdy on the stage, and the crowd is thrilled on the 10th ICT Research Congress International Edition.

On March 25, 2023, the College of Computing and Information Sciences started a two-day event engaging the international community in the discussion of innovation in the hyperflex world through ICT research and development.

International dignitaries, officials, and academicians from different institutions in the Philippines were invited as keynote speakers and judges.

Dr. Eva Handriyantini, Sekolah Tinggi Informatika dan Komputer STIKI Malang – Indonesia Rector; Engr. Reynaldo Ramos, Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) President; Engr. Ernita Calayag, TUP President Special Assistant; Mr. Julius Garcia, International Journal in Information Technology in Governance, Education Business Editor-in-Chief; Dr. Jayson Victoriano, Bulacan State University Research and Innovation Director; and Mr. William Bill Perez Turnbull Jr., Adamson University Center for Innovative Learning Director graced the annual ICT endeavor and proposed a cultural exchange in Indonesia for our faculty members and students.

This visit provided an opportunity for UMak to showcase its facilities, program offerings, and future plans that will pave the way for possible future academic engagements with other HEIs in the international community.