Khimo Gumatay to Sing on #UMakGoldenBatch Graduation

Khimo Gumatay during Idol Philippines Season 2 2023. (Photos: ABS-CBN Entertainment)

“The Golden Batch deserves no less than the Heron with the Golden Voice”

In a UMak Facebook MyDay and Instagram stories, this year’s graduation committee announced that UMak’s pride and Idol Philippines Season 2 Grand Champion, Khimo Gumatay, is set to march alongside and sing the graduation song of his fellow Herons during the forthcoming 50th Commencement Exercise of the University.

Khimo stands as a graceful embodiment of the dedication, perseverance, and talent that defines this batch of graduates. His willingness to share his abilities within the community has always been evident. Thus it’s befitting that he has been entrusted with the honor of leading the singing of the graduation song during this momentous time.

UMak continues to beam with pride as it prepares to bid farewell to such an extraordinary and talented batch, poised to ascend to greater heights. As graduation day nears, the University takes this moment to express its gratitude to this batch of herons that have nested and flourished on the campus. Your collective contributions have undeniably enriched the university’s legacy of excellence and fortified its future aspirations.