Tech-Voc student breaks stereotypes, emerges Valedictorian

Lnsloth M. Deocares of 12-01CPG emerged as the Valedictorian of the batch — a first from the Technical-Vocational Livelihood Track

“It is with immense pride that I stand before you all today, as this momentous occasion marks a historic milestone in our university’s commencement exercises. For the first time, a student from the Technical-Vocational Livelihood Track has risen to the pinnacle to lead the graduating class…”

Class Valedictorian Deocares proudly expresses as he projects his speech as the first-ever Valedictorian hailed from the Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TVL) — specifically from Computer Programming Strand.

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A total of 1,266 out of 1,356 students graduated as academic achievers, and one student from the non-academic track came to the limelight. Lnsloth M. Deocares of 12-01CPG emerged as the Valedictorian of the batch — a first from the Technical-Vocational Livelihood Track, also, a first in the history of the Higher School ng UMak (HSU). Deocares, who is also a DOST scholar, pointed out the struggle of being a Tech-Voc student. Usually, being overshadowed and underestimated over the years. The track being seen as ‘one of the extras’ in a world dominated by those under the Academic Tracks.

WATCH: Valedictory Address of Lnsloth Deocares

“But today, we have shattered that perception and demonstrated the incredible potential and capabilities of the Tech-Voc Track. Our success is a testament to the dedication, passion, and hard work of all Tech-Voc students,” Deocares declared, celebrating not just his victory, but each of his friends, professors and peers. He shared his story of determination and sacrifice, wishing luck to all graduates as they venture into a new chapter of their lives.

“Dito ko nakita na with a determined mindset and a willingness to seek support and guidance, you can overcome any obstacles you face. Remember that it is not about being perfect in everything, but embracing continuous growth and striving for all of the aspects of your education. Keep in mind that even if you fall seven times, we can stand up eight times. Each setback is a chance to learn to adapt and to come back stronger.”

“Long Live the walls we crashed through,” quoting not just from him, but from Taylor Swift’s recent refurbished rendition of “Long Live”, as this marks a new milestone for all of us on our onward journey towards success!

Written by: Freihane Siddayao & Sebastian Janapin
Photos: USMO