Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina benchmarks in UMak

30 May 2024 – Delegates from the Registrar’s Office of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina came to UMak to acquire knowledge of the school registrar’s optimal procedures and effective approaches.

IN PHOTO: Ms. Karen De Mata discussing the organizational structure and background of the university registrar.

Administrative Services and Academic IT Systems Section Head, Ms. Karen De Mata introduced the university registrar’s profile and structure, and the services their office renders. She provided insights on the systematic online issuance of documents and the applications used for record-keeping.

Followed by Academic Services Section Head, Ms. Joy Apuyan elaborated on the enrollment process flow, removal of incomplete remarks, and application for leave of absence. She explained that in amending grades, the professors need to defend the amendment to the council of deans.

IN PHOTO: Ms. Joy Apuyan explaining the entire enrollment process and the requirements of the students.

Ms. Apuyan also shared how their office transitioned into separating the handling of the academic services and the records services. Then, the Academic Records Management Section Head, Ms. Eli Dollete discussed the qualifications of academic awardees specifically for transferees and shifters. She highlighted the uses of the Online Transactions and Request for Appointment System (OLTRAS) and the fees for requested documents.

IN PHOTO: Ms. Eli Dollete detailing the procedures that take place before graduation proper.

Ms. De Mata presented further their applications. With the University Registrar, Prof. Danilo Sabado, and Assistant University Registrar, Ms. Nancy Mangahas, the section heads described the progressions of their processes, from manual data entry to system applications.

They then talked about the ongoing migration of their database from various applications to a new unified online system that will serve as a one-stop shop. The section heads also expressed their remarks on how their processes upgraded under the guidance of Prof. Sabado.

IN PHOTO: Ms. Eli Dollete and Ms. Nancy Mangahas talking about the archiving process they went through.

Ms. Mangahas showed the physical archive of their previous files and how they kept them. The discussion concluded with a group photo with the guests expressing their gratitude for accommodating their visit to the university.