Philippine Group of Law Librarians, Pioneering Progress with PGLL: Elevating Legal Expertise Uniting Minds

University of Makati, School of Law Library held the PGLL meeting for their future plans for the Law Librarian

The Philippine Group of Law Librarians, Inc. (PGLL), under the leadership of Mr. Alvin Halcon, President of the PGLL, along with esteemed members such as Ms. Jeremy Flores and Ms. Nora Ray, recognized as PGLL Pillars, alongside other Officers and Directors, convened for their second meeting. This gathering, held at the premises of the University of Makati, was marked by the collective determination to organize and plan forthcoming activities for the ensuing year.

Central to the agenda was the delineation and scheduling of a comprehensive one-year calendar of activities. A primary focus of discussion was the forthcoming Summer Conference which was scheduled on April 17-19, 2024. Deliberations encompassed logistical arrangements, thematic considerations, and keynote speakers, all geared towards ensuring the success and effectiveness of this pivotal event within the PGLL’s annual itinerary. This assembly exemplified the commitment of the PGLL to fostering professional development and knowledge exchange within the legal library community, as well as its dedication to upholding standards of excellence in legal information management. Through collaborative efforts and strategic planning, the PGLL continues to serve as a beacon of innovation and advancement in the realm of law librarianship in the Philippines.