IN PHOTOS: CTHM Participates in Local Development Plan Coaching and Mentoring at Makati City Hall

CTHM Dean Prof. Maria Theresa G. Icalla, Department head for Tourism Program, Prof. Philip S. Peralta, and faculty members, Profs. Sheriket G. Lacap, Medxandrie Lazaro, and Luis P. Olivar attended a two-day workshop on Local Tourism Development Plan Coaching and Mentoring Capacity at the Executive Lounge of Makati City Hall Building on September 22-23, 2022.

This event was organized by the International Relations Department (IRD) headed by Ms. Maria Concepcion M. Yabut, in partnership with Department of Tourism (DOT) with the main goal of assisting the City Government of Makati in the update of the City’s tourism development plan by providing technical assistance to tourism councils, various Makati City stakeholders, and planners to re-boost the tourism sector after the onslaught of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The said sessions were spearheaded by Mr. Ranil S. Basuel, Senior Tourism Officer of DOT.

It includes Tourism and Trends, City Tourism Development: City’s Vision, Plans and Programs, Orientation on Local Tourism planning guidebook, profiling of the local tourism development plan, Understanding Tourism Cluster Strategies, and development of a tour circuit.

CTHM faculty members had the chance to share and contribute insights on SWOT analysis, problem identification, and problem analysis. The workshop ended with a closing remarks delivered by Ms. Alcine Yabut, District 1, City Councilor of the City Government of Makati. (Luis P. Olivar/CTHM)