Pro Civitate with EDI Staffbuilders visits UMak

22 March 2024 – Visitors from Pro Civitate, Christian Hallerbach, and Wolfgang Schuetze, accompanied by EDI Staffbuilders International Inc. Managing Consultant Kristine Brisenio, came to UMak to gain insight about the College of Technology Management (CTM) for a potential partnership in terms of employment.

Pro Civitate is a company providing a broad range of health and nursing services such as elder care and full-stationary nursing homes in Germany.

CTM Dean, Prof. Moner Raguindin, and Prof. Jose Emmerico Cruz, briefly introduced the university’s background and program offerings. He also shared the available courses in their college and the number of students currently enrolled.

Then, the Linkages and International Relations Coordinator, Ms. Diana Marie Bolo discussed the employment process with the university’s industry partners. She also explained once the proposed contract is received, it will be further reviewed to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

They toured around the campus with a focus on the CTM’s facilities. Prof. Raguindin, showcased the recently added sets of equipment for the students to use for their laboratory activities.

The guests expressed their amazement at the local government’s effort to invest in equipment to ensure quality education.

As the tour concluded, the visitors expressed their desire to pursue a partnership and be back again to discuss future collaborations further.