Center for Quality Management and Development conducts a plenary conference on PAASCU Accreditation


Attendees included UMak officials, academic managers, faculty, administrative, and student representative to the BOR, and administrative heads of the University of Makati on 27 February 2024. (Photo: Alberto Jr De Jesus/UMak-CIC)

27 February 2024 – The Center for Quality Management and Development (CQMD) organized a plenary conference on the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU) Accreditation with a guest speaker from UP Manila College of Pharmacy, Prof. Charles Mandy Ayran.

Mr. Jim Carl Primo of CQMD as the Master of Ceremonies for Plenary Conference on PAASCU Accreditation on 28 Feb 2024 (Photo: Alberto Jr De Jesus/CIC)

Hosted by Mr. Jim Carl J. Primo, the intent is to engage all participating colleges – College of Governance and Public Policy, Institute of Imaging Health Sciences, Institute of Nursing, and Institute of Pharmacy – in an extensive exchange of knowledge as a part of the preparation for the upcoming accreditation.

Dr Amelia Paje, CQMD Director delivering the opening remarks during Plenary Conference (Photo: Alberto Jr De Jesus/CIC)

The Director of the CQMD, Dr. Amelia Paje, shared the university’s journey toward accreditation in her welcoming remarks. This was followed by Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Edison Tapia’s inspirational message expressing that quality has to be a way of life thus applying for accreditation.

VP for Planning and Research Dr. Cariaga shares PAASCU Accreditation Essentials on Plenary Conference (Photo: Alberto Jr De Jesus/UMak-CIC)

The Vice-President for Planning and Research, Dr. Maria Fay Nenette Cariaga explained the fundamentals of PAASCU accreditation and its key areas. Guest speaker Professor Charles Ayran was then introduced by the Program Head for Accreditation, Ms. Maria Divina Posadas.

He shared their journey towards Level 3 accreditation. Then discussed the steps and preparations made for accreditation and gave insights into how the accreditors would check the requirements.

He stated the challenges encountered and emphasized the importance of commitment from the higher management down to the students.

Professor Charles Ayran of UP Manila – College of Pharmacy sharing UP Manila’s Journey to Level 3 PAASCU Accreditation (Photo: Alberto Jr De Jesus/CIC)

Prof. Ayran indicated that having the PAASCU accreditation not only improved their quality but also helped them with their application for other accreditations. He also reminded that doing the accreditation is for the welfare of the major constituents which are the students.

“There is no shortcut to success! We could have opted to take the easier route, but we decided to take the right path towards accreditation.” – Dr. Ramos during Plenary Conference on PAASCU Accreditation (Photo: Alberto Jr De Jesus/CIC)

During the Q&A forum, concerns about the financial expenses, submission of alternative documents, and necessary documentation like collaborations and evaluations were raised and discussed. He emphasized that the documentation of different programs can be used in areas that cut across the institution, minimizing the tasks to be done for accreditation.

CQMD Director Dr. Paje, the Management Committee handed over the token of appreciation and certificate to Prof Aryan as a guest speaker sharing the PAASCU experience of UP Manila – College of Pharmacy (Photo: Alberto Jr De Jesus/CIC)

The conference concluded with the President, Dr. Elyxzur Ramos extending his gratitude towards the guest speaker for providing his knowledge and the audience’s active participation. Professor Ayran was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by the MANCOM officials.



Written by Jamie Lyra Dela Cruz/UMak-CIC
Photos by Alberto De Jesus/UMak-CIC
Edited by Amelia Paje/UMak-CQMD