Research Congress and Universitas Call for Papers Guidelines

Call for Papers - 6th University Research Congress

Call for Papers – 6th University Research Congress

Here’s what you need to know about this year’s Research Congress and Universitas Call for Papers Guidelines


Qualifications for Selection of Papers the Research Congress

  1. All research protocols to be submitted must be done studies. Priority is given to unpublished papers for the possibility of publication in UNIVERSITAS. There are only 3 to 5 slots for published paper presentations but only for notable ones. The decision is given to the CUR for such papers.
  2. All research protocols should have passed the assessment of UMREC as per their SOPs and have been revised accordingly.
  3. Research protocols should be approved and the full article should be submitted to CUR.
  4. Articles should follow the University Research Manual and have passed the final review of CUR. Articles should:
    1. Be proofread.
    2. Be double-blind reviewed.
    3. Be in IMRAD format. (Please find the template in the same Google Drive as this document)
    4. Follow the latest edition of APA conventions on formatting and referencing.
    5. Pass the 15% similarity threshold of Turnitin.

Qualifications for Article Inclusion in UNIVERSITAS

  1. All research protocols to be submitted may be ongoing or done studies and must be submitted on the set deadline.
  2. Qualifications 2-4 of the Selection of Papers for the Research Congress listed also apply to Article Inclusion in UNIVERSITAS.
  3. Articles may have been approved to be presented during the Research Congress and revised according to comments and suggestions from the attendees or/if applicable the panel of reactors.


  1. CUR shall call for joint submission of papers for the research congress and UNIVERSITAS;
  2. Authors shall submit their research protocol through this Google form:
    1. They shall indicate their Unit in UMAK or if they are from another institution outside of UMAK.
    2. They shall write the title of their research.
    3. They shall indicate the “Study Status”.
    4. They shall upload the research protocol with UMREC Application For Ethics Review Of A New Protocol –  View Here
  3. CUR staff will forward the research protocols to UMREC for their review.
  4. UMREC reviews the research protocol and shall endorse it to CUR or summarily reject it. UMREC may ask authors to revise their paper within 2 working weeks and may decide after.
  5. Upon receipt of UMREC’s recommendation, CUR shall accept full articles from the authors through a google form link to be shared only with them.
  6. CUR shall disseminate and announce those qualified to submit their full paper on a given deadline.
  7. External double-blind review shall happen after receiving the full papers. Upon receipt of the comments and suggestions, the authors shall be given time to revise their papers within two (2) working weeks.
  8. CUR shall summarily decide based on the recommendations of the reviewers and announce the qualified papers for the Research Congress and UNIVERSITAS.
  9. Research Congress is held. Comments and suggestions shall be documented and given to the authors for improvements. CUR shall give one (1) working month for the authors to revise their paper accordingly.
  10. Nonetheless, it is not a guarantee that a paper presented in the Congress shall be published in the UNIVERSITAS.

Research Congress Presentation Specifications

All proponents whose articles have been approved for Research Congress presentation shall follow these specifications for their presentations:

  1. Send either the link to the PowerPoint Online or Google Presentation through a google form that shall be provided for easier access. Presentations must be the active version so that if ever there have been some edits they could easily be accessed and seen by the organizers.
  2. The presentation time limit shall be set by CUR;
  3. The presentation shall follow the 7 words per line, 7 lines per slide rule to ensure legibility. (Please refer to the CUR’s Presentation Template v2 and CIC’s UMak Basic Blue Internal presentation files)
  4. There shall be questions and answers after the presentation. A strict time limit will be set by CUR.

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