Center for University Research calls for Research Project and Implementation Incentive (RPII) Submissions 2024

📚🔬 Calling All UMak Faculty and Administrative Staff!

We’re thrilled to introduce a unique opportunity for you to turn your ideas into impactful projects. Whether you’re an academic seeking to push the boundaries of knowledge or an administrative genius with practical solutions, this is your chance to shine! 💡

The Center for University Research (CUR) recognizes its vision “contributes to the continual enrichment of its body of knowledge and/or the development of the City Government of Makati as the premier city of the country”; its function to “monitor the implementation of relevant research policies, guidelines, and mechanisms”; and its goal to “implement research work that can benefit both the University and the City Government of Makati”.

RPII is a program of the University, coursed through the CUR for faculty and admin staff who have the interest and commitment to pursue research to be implemented in their chosen organization, center, office, or agency. It is designed for researches to be incentivized in consideration of the implementation phase.

✨ Why Should You Participate?

🏆 Funding Support: up to 100,000php

🌍 Make a Difference:  Your innovative ideas could lead to real-world solutions and positive changes in our community and beyond.


  • Regular/casual faculty & administrative personnel of UMak.
  • Has no pending administrative case/s.
  • Not a recipient of other external research grants at the time of application, or while in the process of completing other grants.
  • Retiring members of the university may apply as proponents, but the duration of the incentive, the implementation of the expected outcome, and the return service (if granted de-load for faculty) completion should not go beyond the retirement date.
  • The proponent must ensure that the research proposal is new and has not been used for another grant or published in another journal.


Research Proposal to be submitted to UMREC with the following details:

  • Research protocol
  • Expected outputs or deliverables
  • Gantt Chart or any visual chart to present time-specific project activities
  • Application form
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Assessment of the proposal by the Department Chair or Unit Head
  • Cost estimate
  • Plans for dissemination & utilization
  • Office / Center / Agency / College for future implementation of the project

📚 How to Get Started: Check the poster and print ads for the QR code or click this link https://bit.ly/3YtLtiV

‼️ Deadline: September 27, 2024

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