At Finger’s Touch: Enhancing Security with Smart IDs


A CTHM student tries out the ID scanner. (Photo: UMak-USMO)

The testing phase of the QR scanners on the IDs including the virtual version commenced, to address the clamor of students for a faster queue in the Health and Physical Science Building (HPSB).

With the support of the University of Makati Management Committee (MANCOM), the Office of the Vice President for Student Services and Community Development (OVPSSCD) initiated the first testing phase of the QR Code Scanner Machine last January 8-12 at the HPSB Entrance

During the interview with Mr. Jonathan Canapi, Director of the Center for Information Technology (CIT) stated in an interview, he said, “Ang gusto ko kasi na mangyari is [ay] ilapit ang technology sa mga bata, mga estudyante. Yung parang interactive [na] yun talaga sila yung nakakaramdam ng technology, hindi yung puro employees lang,”

Security personnel assist students with ID scanning.

The QR Code Scanner Machine provides a faster tracking record of the students’ enrollment status for the current semester. This also monitors if the student has a pending case with the Center for Student Formation and Discipline (CSFD). Security personnel can check the student’s status much faster, helping shorten the line at the entrances and advise students if they ever have pending cases with CSFD.

Using the QR code in the student ID Card, students can simply scan their IDs to enter the building. Virtual IDs can also be used for students who have yet to receive their physical IDs. They may also utilize the QR Code in the Certificate of Registration (COR) to enter the school premises.

The office will also generate and distribute all physical IDs to all students before the start of the second semester. Graduate students may also claim their IDs at the CIT Office located at the 2nd Floor, Admin Building. “Yung pag-generate kase ng mga ID, nire-register pa yon sa mga classrooms. Yung E-Attendance, kasi [ay] RFID. Ang ID kase [kasi] natin [may] RFID at the same time may QR Code na nilagay kami para lahat ng technology [accessible] and any machine maaccess natin. Yung ID natin [ay] multi-use. Kahit anong machine, pwede siya,” Mr. Canapi added.

UMak e-attendance showing sample data as part of functionality tests done by Center for Information Technology. The device is capable of scanning current RFID-enabled IDs, scan QR code and authenticate fingerprints for future functionalities (Photo: CIC).

The next testing phase will be done using an android application downloaded, by security personnel that scans the QR Code using their mobile devices. CIT also advised the students to bring their physical ID, Virtual ID, COR, or copy of their QR Code for the coming semester. (Written by University Student Multimedia Organization)