UMak’s Statement On Student Plea for Academic Break

Dear Herons,

The University Management Committee through the Office of the Vice President for Student Services and Community Development wishes to express its deep concern over the plight of some students who might have their families in the province affected by the super typhoon.

Relative to the call of some students for academic break, the Management supports the joint statement of the USC Executive Board and Student Congress on their Official FB Account, requesting all Class Presidents to submit report on the actual implementation of the memorandum issued by the UMak Management through the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Elyxzur C. Ramos, CESE, directing all Faculty Members to be considerate in accommodating and to extend extra leniency on attendance and submission of requirements and for the College Deans, Center Executive Directors, Department Chairs to constantly check on the students and faculty who may still have difficulty adjusting to the new learning environment and extend whatever possible assistance the university can offer.

Inasmuch as the Management mandates to address all your concerns in this time of the learning environment, we cannot afford to compromise the rigor of the curricular programs as well as the quality of education amidst these uncertainties. However, the Management assures you dear students that any problems encountered during the implementation of the said memorandum will be acted appropriately.

We therefore challenge you to consider these whys and wherefores of not suspending or declaring academic break, and manage your way through the end of this
semester, to wit:

    1. There are no reported floods in the city.
    2. The electricity is fully restored in all areas.
    3. There are no families staying in evacuation centers in the city anymore. Families from barangay Rizal, Comembo, East Rembo and Guadalupe Viejo have
      been assisted by the city government.
    4. 90% of our students are from Makati and were not severely affected by the typhoon as the city was not heavily hit.
    5. Extended extra leniency submission of requirements on attendance; and
    6. Had helped you manage your mental health through series of mental health webinars.

This academic year is not easy for us. But the City Government of Makati is doing its best to address your concern about your electronic devices and connectivity to keep your focus moving forward. Thus, we reiterate the call for us to have a mindset that creates a love of learning and a resilience essential for great accomplishment. Such a mindset will serve us well in the future, far beyond the timeline of a temporary calamity. We know that by the time this desolation is over, we will be more dynamic and stronger. As true Herons, we know there is nothing you can not accomplish.

God Bless Everyone!