Student-Leaders Through The Years Reunites in UMak

Student Leaders gather around the University of Makati admin building facade giving a toast to a successful student-leaders’ homecoming. Photo Courtesy: University Student Multimedia Organization

MAKATI, Philippines—Alumni student-leaders from different academic years gathered in USC Homecoming: Student Leaders’ Homecoming conducted by the University Student Council (USC) last April 2022 at the University of Makati façade to reunite and welcome back home after so many years.

“Nothing feels like home,” as some alumni student leaders have said through their chitchats.

The USC through its former president Kairo Jan Co made this homecoming as a simple party with snacks, drinks, and featuring DJ Li’l Happier to hype up the party.

“I have always dreamed that one day, all of you will come back here to UMak…” said Prof. Vargas during his opening remarks for the celebration.

Prof. Angelito N. Vargas is the adviser of the University Student Council, and the director of the Center for Student Organizations and Activities under Prof. Virgilio B. Tabbu, the Vice President for Student Service and Community Development.

Moreso, VP Tabbu commended the current USC for such initiative in conducting this event for all student leaders.

It has been a memorable day to see each individual who has left legacies in their alma mater, celebrating excellence of continuous leadership passed in every generation.