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UMak head-to-head with City officials and employees

07 March 2024 – The University of Makati (UMak) invited city officials and staff to participate in basketball and volleyball exhibition games.

Team UMak having the ball for the 1st quarter of the game

The team UMak composed of the university president, Prof. Elyxzur Ramos, and some Deans and faculty members from various colleges and admin employees, played against Team United consisting of city governors. Team UMak started strong but Team United swiftly stepped up their game having close scores throughout the play.

While in the volleyball game, admins and faculty members matched with the city hall legislative office, with the Team City Hall leading the 1st half of the game.

During the halftime break, the UMak Dance Xtreme gave an amazing performance as the players rested for the 2nd half.

The matches intensified as the scores of the basketball teams were tight-knit and the continuous rally on the volleyball court. Teachers and students kept on cheering as team UMak defended its home court.

Team United stepped up their play against Team UMak

In volleyball, Team UMak continuously defends their home court

Team UMak won the basketball game by a close score with Team United. The evening games ended with an exchange of handshakes and praises.