UMak kicks off 52nd Founding Anniversary with the theme Herons Beyond Horizons

04 March 2024 – The University of Makati celebrated the opening of the 52nd Founding Anniversary with the theme Herons Beyond Horizons, headed by the Management Committee (MANCOM).


Declaration of Opening

The MANCOM officials, Mr. Virgilio B. Tabbu, Ms. Juvy B. Hermosa, Atty. Jewel D. Bulos and Prof. Maria Fay Nenette M. Cariaga led the flag-raising ceremony, followed by inspirational messages from Prof. Ederson Tapia and Atty. Neil-san G. Patag, City Personnel Officer, Human Resource Development Office.

IN PHOTO: Prof. Elyxzur C. Ramos declaration of the official opening of the 52nd Founding Anniversary celebration

Prof. Elyxzur C. Ramos, university president, officially declared the opening of the 52nd Foundation celebration and reminded the employees to embody the representation of each flag and show love for the country,  the city, and the university.

Then, a surprise performance was conducted by the College of Human Kinetics consisting of a sequence of Zumba dance and exercises.

Admins and faculties, participating in the surprise performance by Center of Human Kinetics

The celebration continued with the annual “Almusalan” on the 3rd floor of the Administration Building where employees enjoyed the potluck shared from different offices, centers, and colleges.


Celebratory Parade: Breaking Barriers in Neon Colors

IN PHOTOS: Teams parading their banners and costumes in the celebratory parade

The festivities resumed in the afternoon with a celebratory parade with the theme Breaking Barriers in Neon Colors where teams composed of various departments flaunted their bright neon costumes.

Each team showcased their dancing skills in the TikTok showdown where they performed popular TikTok dances. The TikTok competition judges, were Andred Mejia, a celebrity choreographer and UMak alumnus, and Mr. Joshua Shim, executive director of Fortune Star Education and Scholarship. While waiting on the announcement of winners, Mr. Virgilio B. Tabbu, on behalf of MANCOM, expressed his gratitude towards the students attending the afternoon celebration.

IN PHOTO: Ms. Marilou D. Nuevo, Prof. Maria Fay Nenette M. Cariaga, Mr. Joshua Shim, Andred Mejia, Atty. Jewel D. Bulos and Engr. Luke Ivan B. Moro. Head of HRMO and MANCOM officials presented the Certificate of Appreciation to the TikTok competition judges

Prof. Maria Fay Nenette M. Cariaga gave a short message to continue soaring high as Herons, not just for the school and city but also for the country. Atty. Jewel D. Bulos informed everyone that festival rides will also be available to bring joy to all as part of the celebration. Engr. Luke Ivan B. Moro also extended his appreciation to the attendees.

The 1st place winner was team 5 composed of the Higher School of UMak with their performance of Touch My Body by Mariah Carey. Special awards were also given to the other participating teams.

IN PHOTO: Team 5 – Higher School of UMak, winners of the TikTok competition with Atty. Jewel D. Bulos


JAMPACKED! After-Party Concert

The celebration concluded with an after-party concert. Along with the UMAK Jammers, employees and students jammed and sang songs from famous singers which hyped the audience until the evening.

Students dancing along with the after party performers

Mr. Jim Carl J. Primo hosted the opening celebration. In the afternoon, Prof. Florabel J. Berenguela joined the hosting until the program ended.


PHOTOS: UMak Student Multimedia Organization / CIC