UMak Performing Arts Theater is now open for performances!

05 June 2024 – The university celebrated the blessing and inauguration of the newly renovated UMak Performing Arts Theater where the student organizations from the Center for Culture and Arts represented different performing arts.

The event began with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Atty. Jewel Bulos, the Vice President for Administration, Prof. Maria Fay Nenette Cariaga, the Vice President for Planning and Research, Ms. Juvy Hermosura, the University Secretary, Mr. Wiliam Dayrit, the Makati City Accounting Head, and Mr. Dwayne Samarista of the Museum and Cultural Affairs Office.

Atty. Bulos welcomed the guests and extended gratitude towards the city for the rehabilitation. Fr. Joseph Rolen De Leon, Asst. Parish Priest of Mater Dolorosa Parish officiated the blessing of the theater. He blessed the entire room with consecrated water, from the stage up to the dressing rooms.

The theater manager, Prof. Romualdo Protacio, delivered his closing remarks expressing that the inauguration was the birth of the vision realized and acknowledged the visionaries who made the reconstruction possible.

“The UMak performing arts theater is more than just a physical structure. It is a vessel for creativity, a sanctuary for the imagination, and a beacon that draws artists, performers, and audiences alike.” – Prof. Protacio

Student organizations from CCA produced and performed a play highlighting the talent and qualities of each performing arts. From the harmonious voices of the UMak choral, the electrifying moves of the UMak Dance Xtreme, the groovy melodies of UMak Jammers up to the soulful acts of Collective Arts of Students and Thespians Inc.(CAST).

The student artists showcased their abilities and uniqueness from one another which engaged the audiences throughout their performances. They elaborated on the beauty of their diversity with a unified goal of enriching the culture and arts. Their show ended with an enticing unified performance of the “I Love UMak” song.

University president Prof. Elyxzur Ramos expressed how heartwarming it was to have a place for students to exhibit their artistic prowess and was thankful to City Mayor Abby Binay for her support of culture and arts.

He shared some of the future programs that will take place in the theater like hosting the summer class of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and theater acting classes in partnership with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Congressman Luis Campos commended the students for their commercial-grade performance and stated his intent of future collaborations in line with the culture and arts. 

The celebration concluded with the student ensemble and Prof. Protacio taking a bow as the curtain closed.