UMak welcomes delegates from Timor-Leste

11 March 2024 – Accompanied by the city’s International Relations Department, delegates from Timor-Leste visited UMak to learn more about the university’s best practices, particularly in technical and vocational education.

The delegates intend to collaborate with the university to equip their citizens with technical skills to improve employability. Prof. Elyxzur Ramos, university president explained the uniqueness of the offered programs by incorporating curriculum changes based on the partnered companies to make students more employable.

Ms. Cynthia Margaretta José, Director of the Center for Internationalization, Linkages, and Placement stated that the university has more than 600 active partners composed of various associations and organizations who help mold employable students.

Prof. Ramos discussed the school’s practice of having an active industry partner to assist in developing the knowledge and skills to be included in the offered programs to ensure students’ employability upon graduation. Then, Prof. Moner Raguindin, Dean of the College of Technology Management shared that the industry-based programs of the College of Technology Management produced successful outcomes.

Prof. Apollo Mambiar, Dean of the Institute of Technical Education and Skills Training stressed the flexibility of programs empowering the city’s residents. He then stated that the diploma programs’ graduates return to finish their degrees to develop management skills.

The visit concluded with the delegates expressing gratitude for accommodating their questions and hopes to establish future collaborations.