University of Makati Muslim Students Association(UMMSA) organizes Ramadhan Iftar

20 March 2024 – The University of Makati Muslim Students Association (UMMSA) conducted a Ramadhan Iftar in collaboration with the Students Association for Islamic Affairs, Inc. (SAIA)’s program called, “University Iftar Tour”, sponsored by Harmony and Wisdom Foundation.

The UMMSA president Asgare Sultan shared the meaning of  ‘Iftar’ which means meals served at the end of the day to break the fast during Ramadhan. The call of prayer “Adhan” being heard, Muslims broke their fast with dates and water as part of the teachings of their Prophet Muhammad.

Then, it was followed by the 4th Obligatory Prayer called “Maghrib”. They resume eating their meals after the prayer.

UMMSA adviser Mr. Kenneth “Abdullah” Acobo described how the supposed small gathering expanded therefore being able to invite more people. The organization’s former presidents and officers also attended. The members distributed the food as they waited for the others to arrive.

UMMSA former president Abdul Rahman Panambulan led the Maghrib prayer. They continued to eat their meals after the obligatory prayer.