Webinar “In-Style: Acing your Acads” Equips Students with Essential Skills

The Center for Guidance and Counseling Services (CGCS) recently organized a webinar titled “In-Style: Acing your Acads”, to provide students with crucial skills necessary for academic success. The event took place on March 20, 2024 via Webex which attracted a substantial audience eager to glean insights on academic excellence.

Student Services and Community Development Vice President Mr. Virgilio Tabbu officially opened the webinar. He emphasized the importance of holistic student development and the role of counseling services in achieving academic goals effectively.

Esteemed counselor Jesreel del Espiritu Santo, from De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute in Dasmarinas, Cavite, served as the resource speaker. She shared a wealth of tips and techniques aimed at enriching students’ academic journey.

Her presentation covered topics such as time management, self-care, goal setting, breathing exercises, overcoming test anxiety, and navigating academic challenges.

Attendees actively participated in discussions and interactive activities designed to foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter. These exercises kept them engaged throughout the session.

Guidance Coordinator, Ms. Estella Obnamia expressed gratitude to the participants. She also emphasized the CGCS’s commitment to supporting students in their academic endeavors. “We must continue to strive for improvement, endeavoring to turn good into better, and better into best,” Ms. Obnamia stated as she brought the event to a close.

CGCS Information Service In-Charge Ms. Hanna Gichelle Roxas’ meticulous planning and coordination made the webinar a success, resulting in a seamless experience for all participants.

MJ and Richelle, two exceptional CTHM interns, were the dynamic masters of ceremony who made the webinar complete by infusing it with their energy and enthusiasm.

The webinar served as a testament to CGCS’s commitment to nurturing holistic student development and empowering students to achieve academic excellence. With initiatives like these, the center continues to play a pivotal role in guiding students towards success in their academic pursuits.