MAKATI, PHILIPPINES – The University of Makati (UMak) publicly unveils its legacy sculpture titled “The Rise of the Herons” in celebration with its 50th Founding Anniversary through their event “PAGDAPO: Legacy Sculpture Unveiling Series“ held last October 05, 2022. 

The sculpture was designed by Baguio-based artist and sculptor, Mr. Ben-Hur “Bumbo” Villanueva, together with his team which he named “Team Tagak” (tagak is a Filipino term for herons). In a span of 4 months, he was able to finish the sculpture just in time for the event.

The university had planned for nearly 15 years to exhibit a sculpture that embodies the university’s symbol of the heron, which is a long-legged, long-necked bird known to be fierce hunters when it comes to their prey. Dr. Elyxzur C. Ramos, OIC President and Concurrent Vice President for Academic Affairs, stated that they chose the heron as the university’s mascot due to their resiliency and flexibility from which, these same characteristics are also found within the students who do their best to complete their studies and move forward with their lives.

“Herons are the symbol of UMak since they are known for their resiliency and flexibility to continue soaring high just like our dear students,” said Dr. Ramos in his speech.

For this reason, the legacy sculpture was named “The Rise of the Herons” which depicts a number of herons drifting through the clouds. This represents that no matter how many times the students fall behind due to their problems, they will always find a way to solve them, and continue to rise similar to how a heron flies above the sky.

Following the sculpture’s public debut, the event was met with a lively display of emotions from the attendees. Students, teachers, and staff, alike were enamored with the view of the statue that lies within the university grounds. Moreover, the event included jaw-dropping performances from the UMak Dance Xtreme (UDX), UMak PepSquad, Collective Arts of Students and Thespians (CAST), and the UMak Jammers among many others.

UMak proudly stands before its students and staff showcasing statue, “The Rise of the Herons”, which will serve as their motivation to strive even harder and do their best towards achieving success. And as Dr. Ramos cheered to the crowd…

Ang tagak ay nananatiling buhay.” – Written by Japhet Marquez | USMO