College Faculty Performance Evaluation for 2nd Sem, AY 2021-2022

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Dear Students,


Faculty evaluation is conducted every semester to determine the performance of faculty members of the University. This is also used to analyze their strengths and weaknesses in order to come up with projects, programs, and activities for these academic employees. This is important for the University’s management to think of ways on how to strengthen more the knowledge, skills, and talents of these teachers and on how to develop those areas that need improvement. This activity will also help teachers improve their teaching styles, strategies, and methods to be more effective and efficient in the next semesters.

Please don’t think that this is the time for REVENGE, but as an AVENUE to reflect on how your teachers teach and help you, and how they fulfill their duties and responsibilities this semester.

Using your UMak email account, visit the link below to access the form from May 16 to June 03, 2022.
Access the link depending on the number of subjects/courses you have this semester. Please refer to your COR or Final Load in the Official Change of Matriculation Form.

Evaluate objectively and fairly.

Thank you very much!