The Industry Partners Recognition Day 2021

The Industry Partners Recognition Day (IPRD) brings together UMak partners to rekindle and strengthen bonds, at the same time, pay tribute and thank them for their significant contributions to the University’s and the City’s mandate for educational excellence and student employability. Initiated by former UMak President Tomas B. Lopez, Jr. 21 years ago, it has evolved from an impromptu “party” to what has now become an annual year-end institutional tradition emulated by other schools as the culture of networking and collaboration spread and the long-term mutual rewards realized.

The theme of the 2021 IPRD is “Strengthening Partnerships toward Future-Readiness”. Dramatic changes have been taking place in the education sector and equally dramatic changes have been taking place in the industry sector. After almost two years of the global health crisis, we have realized that, more than just staying connected with the industry, we need to strengthen partnerships that will help bridge the gap as students transition from their non-traditional classrooms to their future non-traditional workplaces when they join the workforce in the new normal. We look forward to industry collaborations that will equip our students with lifelong skills and competencies and prepare them for whatever the future brings so that they can grow and thrive in their chosen career path – with or without the pandemic. Hence, we call on our generous and dedicated partners and friends to join us again as we strengthen partnerships toward future-readiness!