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College Of Governance And Public Policy

Dean Fernandez




Stanley R. Fernandez is an Assistant Professor at the College of Governance and Public Policy, University of Makati. He is a sought after speaker, coach and trainer dedicated to helping the IT Industry by preparing them to receive project management passion, purpose and focus in all areas of their personal and professional work spaces. Having been appointed as Consultant to the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office as Organizational Development- Subject Matter Expert, Professor Fernandez’s research on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has opened new opportunities to explore management strategies that involves formulation and implementation of major goals and initiatives taken by the top management of the said office. Born and educated in Makati, he graduated from the University of Makati with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Professor Fernandez has had several positions in the public and private sectors, the most recent being his designation as College Secretary in the College of Governance and Public Policy and followed by his appointment as Dean of the said college in 2018. Prior to this, he held the position of IT Business Process Analyst in ATOS Information and Technology Solutions (ATOS IT Solutions Inc.). He has varied experience, having worked, amongst others on the capability building programs of the Philippine Councilors League – Legislative Academy, as well as some leadership consultancies outside the academe.


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The training and education provided by the Curriculum of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Program majors in Paralegal Studies, Policy Management and Local Government Administration in the University of Makati is designed to accommodate the availability of post-baccalaureate opportunities within and outside the university which include the following: government civil service, law school, graduate and advanced studies and other related professions.


Having a multi and disciplinary approaches in the study of politics and governance, enhanced by trainings for higher-order thinking capabilities of the students, equipped with practical skills for job-readiness, the program intend to go beyond the traditional professions of the discipline and diversity in various industries where the education in politics and exposure to governance and public administration remains relevant.


The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Program has three (3) majors, namely: Paralegal Studies, Policy Management and Local Government Administration.


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science major in Paralegal Studies, a course design to produce paralegals. The Paralegal Studies Program will offer a level of training that provides the student with a solid foundation in law and paralegal skills, a broad liberal arts knowledge base, and a solid understanding of the field of paralegalism.


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science major in Policy Management, a course in the social sciences designed to create specialists in policy studies (including campaigns and elections). The early phase pf the 21st century is characterized by civil society movements, people’s organization, interest groups (national and local), political parties (national and local) and other components of grassroots politics. The course is designed to equip students in knowledge and skills needed in micro-level politics like organizational and structural analysis, policy formulation and determination, handling of propaganda and propaganda channels, operations and strategy, etc. usually, politicians cannot, and should not determine, formulate and execute policies and decisions without proper verification and research, in-depth analysis and calculations on its effects and benefits. The course is designed to produce a new breed of policy analysts and researchers who will assist and advise them in policy and decision making.


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science major in Local Government Administration, aims to produce graduate’s adept in the politico-administrative aspects of managing local government. As the premier city in the country, Makati offers a very promising opportunity for local government administration majors since the program is tailored suit to craft students in the enterprise of running local government units (LGUs).



    • Governance
    • Accountability
    • Transparency
    • Social Responsibility



  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Major in:

    • Paralegal Studies

    • Policy Management

    • Paralegal Studies


GRADUATE PROGRAMS- under the College of Continuing and Advanced Professional Studies

  • Master in Public Administration (regular)

  • Master in Public Administration (modular)
    Major in Local Governance


Dean Fernandez

Assistant Professor STANLEY R. FERNANDEZ, MPA




College Secretary

Prof Pimentel


Department Chair (OIC), Undergraduate Program